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“Some people believe the works of mystics or poets are nothing but fantasies when in fact, these mystics and poets have simply entered another dimension of reality. We can call this other dimension a ‘dream’, so long as we don’t confuse it with mere wanderings of the imagination or those adventures we experience during sleep.
Initiatic Science considers dreams to be the seed of all reality and that the material, physical world is only the crystallization of a dream. Even if the world disappeared
the dream would remain because it alone is real. It is the dream that brings all sentient forms into existence. If every day you make a conscious effort to open the doors to this world of dreams, you will find all the essential elements you need to rebuild
your life and give it meaning. Then even your face will reflect something of this world of light, beauty and unfailing joy. That is what true life is. "

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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ALAIN BESSON studied piano at the Conservatory of Lausanne first with a Bulgarian teacher, Georgi Popov and then with Francesco Zaza. He also had the unique opportunity to be the last student of Denise Bidal,(follower of Alfred Cortot).
Alain obtained his piano teacher's diploma at the Institute De Ribaupierre with Christian Favre and continued his piano studies with various talented pianists of whom Yorgos Manessis, (President of the Academy of Athens), was one.
Mr. Besson went on to teach piano at the Music school of Vevey and then at the
Academy of Fribourg, before developing a particular and very personal method which
he names "Piano Do" in reference to an oriental approach where "Do" means, “THE WAY. “


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Various approaches are proposed during the courses. All of them have a common point; the Beauty.
Indeed, the ultimate reference is always the harmony, the balance of the movements
and the forms, (in the Antiquity, Apollo - the god of the Beauty and the Sun was also considered as the patron of the Arts).


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The courses are proposed for students or teachers of all levels.
This method is fundamentally different from all existing methods in formal music schools or Academies.
The attention concerns mainly the body, the posture and the breath but may extend
beyond to the philosophy, the food, the hairstyle or even the clothing…
Various exercises are proposed by way of introduction: Rhythm, reflex, balance, yoga, conscious walking, singing, karate, etc.
The music is approached then in an initiatory way that is as a revelation of the sacred
art of the Muses (the angels). The means arrival to this revelation is through the learning of the movement and the touch applied to the study of the big works of the repertoire.
On the black keys, we play 4 hands by varying style and giving rhythm. Then the
student plays two chords at the left hand (D-minor and F-major, stuck or arpégés) and
improvises with the right hand in a classic or modern mode.
On the white keys, we play with the left hand three major chords (for example: C-F-G)
with different accompaniments, and the right hand improvises. We add then a 2nd part with three minor chords (for example: A-D-E) with classic improvisations or in waltz, tango, blues, etc.
With an ostinato in the left hand, we enter an oriental way with ornaments in the right
hand and possibly some singing exercises as well. The crowning of the improvisation can be in certain cases the composition.
The student learns to accompany his or her preferred songs by playing the melody with the right hand and the chords with the left or by singing while playing the chords with the right hand. He or she also learns to transpose into