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Alain Besson has studied the yoga of Sound with various spiritual Masters.
At the age of 19 Alain met first of all Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov who revealed to him the high power of healing of occult Music. According to him, in the future we shall place a person who has contracted an illness in the center of a circle of specially prepared singers, (singers who are capable of placing their voices in the etheric body and who have an irreproachably clean way of life) . The ill person will be cured by this circle.
Alain also met in these early years, George Balan (the founder of "Musicosophia") who taught him that Music has a hidden sense which the true musician must know how to decipher.
Next he turned himself to the East with frequent visits to various Buddhist monasteries, where he personally met the Dalai Lama at Dharamsala in India. Also Alain had the opportunity during this time to give a Sound Yoga session in the sacred cave of Babaji of Haidakhan in Himalaya and was fortunate to meet often with Amma in France, Spain and India and Mother Mira in Germany. He visited the sacred mountains of Nepal and their sanctuaries and conducted an extract of the Requiem of Mozart for Sri Parthasarathy Rajagopal Chari in France.
In 1999, Mr. Besson went to the Seven lakes of Rila in Bulgaria and discovered the teaching of Peter Deunov, a physician, philosopher and musician who had created the Paneurhythmy, literally " the high rhythmic of the Universe ". Concretely, it is a kind of meditation in movement which is danced in couples and in a circle, the musicians and the choir being in the center.
In 2007, he visited the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland, and attended a representation of the Eurythmie " harmonious rhythmic movement "; wherein one or several participants make visible by gestures and movements in the space what can be heard in a music or a poem. Familiar with Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy, he realized that his teaching is very additional with that of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov and Peter Deunov. He thus decided to create a center in Dobrich, Bulgaria, the goal of which would be the union of the teachings of these three great philosophers.
The lessons are completely improvised according to the students and the present moment, but within a framework as follows:
- Reception and presentation of the participants (moment often determining for the  oorientation of the training course)
- Learning of the Rhythm with collective and individual explanation of the possible ppsycho and physiological blockings
- Alternated Breath ( Pranayama)
- Practises of the reflexes and of balance
- Shav Asana : the posture of the corpse … (relaxation guided to drop generously all tthe blockings)
- Harmonization by the voice (mouth closed then opened with discovery of Om and vvowels. Personalized advices)
- Scale of C with visualization of chakras and colours.
- Classic and harmonious choral singing - In certain cases, intuitive dance - Sound hHealing (literally: "cure by the Sound ". Concretely, it is about vocal and instrumental nmusic improvised with various instruments as for example the Tibetan bowls, the ccrystal vessel, etc.)