Choir, piano, Alain Besson



music, femininity


During his years of learning and developing his musical skills and philosophy, Alain was extremely fortunate to meet a number of exceptional Women who allowed him to develop an approach based above all on the feminine values of receptivity.
He met first of all, Fabienne Huygen; a dancer in the Ballet of Antwerp, professor of yoga and Indian dance, singer and therapist. During a training course in Brussels, Alain told the assembly that there is in Belgium a person specially prepared who, one day, will teach Sacred Femininity. At the conclusion of the day, Fabienne asked him for the address of this teacher. "It is you" he answered.
From this initial meeting they went on to give together an impressive number of workshops and concerts in Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, France, Canada, Reunion Island, Egypt, India, etc.
Next he met Marie Claude Pleines; Swiss musicologist, flutist, pianist, cellist, singing teacher and journalist who had studied 7 languages. Alain and Marie Claude together animated a choir dedicated to the study of the mystic songs of Peter Deunov and also gave a large number of recitals and symphonic concerts. Then, during a journey, Alain became acquainted with Jasmuheen, an Australian who no longer eats food and who asserts that her mission is to show that it is possible to live on light and prana. He made several training courses with her in France and in Belgium.
He also met Amma and Mother Mira who embody each in their own way another facet of the sacred Femininity.
In Paris Alain became the music professor of Arouna Lipschitz; doctor of psychology, author, professor of yoga and the head of an ashram in France. He also collaborated with Poumi Lescaut; dancer, singer, choreographer, professor of Kundalini Yoga, painter and author of "Balayogi, the alchemy of the Silence" which is the sincere story of a spiritual Master she met in India and who stayed for 40 years in meditation without eating, drinking, sleeping or seeing the daylight). It was at this moment that several persons advised him to give also workshops intended specifically for women. He occupied at this time a loft all in curvature, built and elaborated by a Lebanese architect as a tribute to the feminine energy. The success was immediate. He realized the suffering of women, assaulted by the thoughts, glances or acts of men, and realized then the need to find words, music or exercises to cure these (millenary?) wounds.
He decided to get in touch with The president of the OMAEP (World Organization of Associations for an Antenatal Education) by offering to her to dedicate his village in Dordogne for the practice of the Spiritual Galvanoplasty (a completely extraordinary and innovative technique, maybe the best means of fast transformation of humanity): to offer to pregnant women, conditions, ideal from any point of view, with an education on the way of facilitating the coming on earth of children in good health on all the planes).
As she considered that it was too early to present to the general public these revelations of Aïvanhov (on this matter see the book: "An Education which begins before the Birth"),
Alain decided that the first centres will be built up in Canada, where he has just found a place unique in the world, with springs of fresh and salty water on an island with a
basement consisting of veins of quartz.
Contents of the workshops:
- Listening (expressed - very important - of the expectations or possible difficulties of ttthe participants)
- The 12 Doors (utility and function of 12 openings of the human body - 7 at the top oon the head and 5 below on the trunk which correspond symbolically to the 12 ddoors of the new Jerusalem)
- The feminine specificities (explanation of the difference of polarity between the nman and the woman, the initiatory and totally unknown role of the breast, the fffemale genital organ, etc.)
- The role of the woman (how to conceive, to wait and to put in the world a child.
sSecrets to educate and transform the men)
- Learning of the touch and the massage (on oneself or on the others)
- Relooking (an outline of the good use of fabrics and colors in the clothing towards ttthe Initiatory Science. Counselling for the skincare and the hair, the hairstyle, the ssstudy of the step, etc.)
- Singing and dance (liberation of the feminine energy)
- Sound Yoga